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Posted by Sefour on 16-09-2004 21:42:

Halo Czn

Hey i try to patch my halo deafulat.xbe with the halo czn ips but it says unable to patch. The xbe may already be patched. (its not)
how exactly do i patch the xbe? i just highlited deafult.xbe and selected patch...

Life is a bitch and im her pimp

Posted by Sefour on 17-09-2004 02:14:

disrigard that post

Life is a bitch and im her pimp

Posted by Microman on 18-09-2004 02:03:

hey dose anyone know what cheat controller dose, i tryed evey thing, cant figure it out

Posted by PS2_ playkid on 18-09-2004 08:19:

Du you mean the First Person Master controller (FPS-controller)?

Its not a cheat controller, but the design is made so you have controll over all buttons, and don't have to leave your thumbs.
Basicaly. A with a standart controller you user your right thumb for X, A, Y and B and the right controller. With the FPS controller 4 of the fingers, that you just held the controller with before.
So you get some advantage.

Its a good controller, but the controll sticks is a little...baaah.
Too sensitive, and to soft to pull. The rumble is too weak (maybe tyksak has a cure?).
Im trying to put the controller apart, but it don't seem possible, but it is. I wan't to replace the controller sticks with 2 from the "Fatty/duke". Som say that it does not fit, and you have to solder.
I don't know yet.

The controller i have been talking about is this:

Posted by Microman on 20-09-2004 17:59:

i guess you dont know what CZN trainer is, CZN made a trainer for Halo

there is a cheat on the list that mentions cheat controller, i dont know what that cheat dose, nor do most people


belive me, its a bitch to take apart, the tumb sticks wont fit in any thing else and nothing matches. its also very hard to put back together

Posted by PS2_ playkid on 20-09-2004 18:14:

Thx. for the warning. I gues i leave it as it is.

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