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Posted by Microman on 30-08-2004 19:50:

Google Gmail invites

If you dont know what this is, i will tell you

Google made their own Email service, its still in beta(dont know why it works great)

Well anyway to make a google email you have to be invited, after you get invited and set up your email account it works great, and you get 1 FREE GIG OF STORAGE, its handy if you feel like sending your friends movies and whole programs

Posted by RaDiUm- on 31-08-2004 16:35:

can u invite me?

Posted by TykSak on 01-09-2004 17:50:

Good idea from Google but nothing comes for free


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Posted by Microman on 08-09-2004 12:52:

so what, in not sending anything i care about.

and i have 20 gigs of free storage(i have 20 accounts)

Rad, you need to give me an e-mail address to send the invite to

Posted by seappp on 15-09-2004 14:59:

Invite me

Hey man.. PLZ invite me!!

Posted by TykSak on 04-02-2005 18:40:

For those still looking for an invite try the following page - they have distributed over 218,407 invites to date.

Just insert your email address in the box indicated and press enter on your keyboard (there is no "submit" button.)

If no invites showing as available, just refresh the page a few times, it changes almost every few seconds.


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Posted by TykSak on 08-02-2005 12:33:

Also try


Visit my 19" rack site

Posted by Halfcrossa on 13-06-2006 22:29:

One gig of space for free justifies everything, it's how it should be thought over. Much for free allows the provider do everything is stored on their servers

Cross pens

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