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Posted by TykSak on 30-06-2004 11:28:

XboxMediaCenter 1.0.0 har lige frigivet XBMC 1.0.0 til Xboxen, der er stadig nogle få bugs men de skulle ikke være så store at det gør noget.

Læs mere....


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Posted by TykSak on 30-06-2004 11:34:

Important note about XVID - There are 2 xvid decoders available in XBMC:
FFmpeg and version 1.01 of the XviD codec. Neither currently decodes all xvid
files perfectly. FFmpeg has problems rendering videos encoded with the latest
version of the xvid encoder (these are fine when decoding with XviD 1.01), and
XviD drops frames on some files.

The default is currently to use FFmpeg for all XVIDs. This should be fine for
the vast majority of xvid avis out there. If you want to use XviD 1.01 instead,
simply copy "codecs.conf.XVID101" over "codecs.conf" in the "mplayer" subdir
of XBMC. To switch back to FFmpeg, copy "codecs.conf.FFMPEG" over codecs.conf.

You can check which decoder is currently being used by pressing the black button
while playing video and checking the "video:" information.

Jeg fandt den her på Overnet/eMule:


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